0% Interest Financing Available

Easy Financing

Financing is a lot easier than most people think. We make the process quick and painless and in most cases takes less than 15 minutes for the application and less than 3 Minutes for Approval.

**No Money is required as a deposit when purchasing equipment.

We use a nationwide finance company that offers financing on everything from Car Tires, Jewelry, Furniture and Large Household Appliances such as Heating and Air Conditioning.

How Does the Financing Process Work?

The fastest way to get approved for financing is to give us a call at 505-480-1078 and let us know that you would like to have equipment installed using our Finance Options.

At that point we will get you a rough estimate to replace your existing system and start the Application process either In Person or Over the Phone.

Is Financing Expensive?

We offer 2 finance plans:

Plan #1 

5.99% Interest at 102 Months – This is our most commonly used plan as it has the lowest monthly payment available.  There are no penalties for paying your loan off early and the Monthly Payments are Super Affordable !  Below you will see our Pricing for the most common Furnace Replacement.

Plan #2

0% Interest if Paid Off within 25 Months – This plan is normally used if the customer already has the funds but would like to hang on to the money just a little longer. The Finance Company calls this Deferred Interest which means if you pay the loan off even 1 Day Past 25 Months, Then 25 Months of Accrued Interest will be added to your loan.  Below you will see the Monthly Payments for our Basic Furnace Replacement.

80% Efficiency, Single Stage, Natural Gas Furnace

Base Price –  $5,299

Taxes          –  $412.26

Total           –  $5,711.26

Plan #1 – 5.99% Interest at 102 Months :
~$71.76 Monthly Payments

Financed Interest averages $104 per year 

Plan #2 – 0% Interest at 25 Months :
~$229.62 Monthly Payments

(Synchrony Adds $29 to all Financed Transactions)

Call us today and see how we can get you into a New Heating or Cooling System !


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