How much does it cost to get a Refrigerated AC System Installed?

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This is probably the most common question that we encounter from day to day. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer, so we are just going to answer it to the best of our ability.


Best case scenario would be a home that already has a refrigerated AC system installed and needs a replacement for a 1000 sq. ft. home. With the indoor system in a garage and outdoor system located on the ground, it may run $6500 to $7000+ for a 14 Seer System which would include a matching furnace.


Worst Case Scenario would be a home that does not have a refrigerated AC system that wants a conversion to refrigerated air on a home that is 2600 sq. ft. The electrical panel may need to be upgraded which would require state electrical inspections and PNM to give their green light on the upgrade. In this case, a 14 Seer Split System may run up to $12,000 for the mechanical portion of the installation and the electrical price will be determined by the electrical contractor.


So the answer to this question is that it can cost anywhere between $6500 and $16,000 to install a refrigerated AC system.

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